Want to help run things?

I’m looking for editors and authors who might want to help keep this blog alive. Editors can edit pages and help more with organizing and such, plus post articles. Authors can contribute articles regularly and without moderation. If you’d only like to contribute once, you can also apply to do that if you don’t want to contribute regularly.

I’m likely to ask for samples of your writing advice/article writing. Don’t be offended; I just prefer to maintain quality on this site. For editors, I’ll expect some really good quality stuff. Authors have some more leeway, but if your articles need quite a bit of work after I accept you, I might change you to a contributor to make sure you improve. If you want your articles proofread, feel free to ask an editor or me.

Article subjects range from writing help to book reviews, with a focus on writing help.

For info on user roles, specifically what staff members are capable of, go here.

Positions currently available and expectations:

Editors – 1 available

I expect one or two posts a week, unless you can convince me that you can offer something amazing despite being too busy for even a short book review. I also expect that you’ll keep an eye on others’ posts for quality. This includes other editors and me (I might be an admin, but I really only make sure things look pretty.) You are expected to contact the writer of the work you find a problem in to see if they want to change what they wrote before doing anything to it. Only change another user’s work if they ask you to or give you permission. If you edit another user’s work without permission, they’re allowed to take the issue to me, and if we can’t sort things out, you face potentially being booted from the site or demoted to author.

I expect editors to be most active in both posting and planning. You should have considerable skill with leaving critiques, as we hope to get into hosting critique giveaways. This isn’t required, but it is preferred and will earn you some points.

Authors – 4 available

I expect a minimum of about two or three posts per week. The majority should be writing advice articles or things related to writing, such as information about conferences, tips lists, reviews of writing books, et cetera. You’re allowed to post funnies, but I consider those more like half a post, although making them yourself is more like three-quarters of a post, unless they’re really high quality.

Contributors – Unlimited

Contributors don’t need to post with any regularity. If you just want to share an article or bit of advice you’ve written but don’t want to maintain your own blog, this is a good option. We won’t expect anything from you except that you go through with what you say you’ll do.


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