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What’s My Age Again? New Adult

This post was inspired by a well-intended, writing buddy. She asked me what audience I was trying to market my stories toward. This is a valid question and one I pondered quite a bit after our conversation. The main markets out there are Young Adult (YA for all you cool kids that talk in abrevs.) and Adult. Here’s the catch…my stories and I, we don’t seem to fit into either of these categories. This is where New Adult (NA) comes in. Curious? Let me break it down for you.

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Art or Entertainment: Why Should We Write?

A week or so ago, there was a debate going around the ex-Inkie-Figgie community about whether or not the YA genre (young adult, for the non-term savvy) and books in general hold any sort of literary value these days. By literary value, I mean books that contain the kind of stuff you’d read about in English class: allegories, symbolism, deeper themes, complex plot structures. Books like Lord of the Flies or The Great Gatsby are highly regarded as works with great literary value.

It got me thinking. Is writing to entertain wrong? Should every work of fiction strive to be the next Scarlet Letter or the next great Shakespearean play?

Here’s my personal philosophy on this debate: You should write what you’re passionate about.

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