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Reasons Why I Dislike Your Character

With pictures! And gifs! Well, still ones.

I’ve seen a lot of posts buzzing around the internet about why people dislike characters and what acceptable reasons to dislike a character there are. Since I’m a sucker for characterization, I’d thought I’d share what I think are acceptable and..well, not so acceptable reasons to dislike or hate a protagonist.

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Character Creation Exercise


Starting a new story and need a main character? Or do you need a minor character for an ongoing work? Just interested in some development practice? Here’s a fun little thing you can do.

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The Boy (or Girl) Who Lived

This is actually a jump-off post, inspired by Meredith’s about how teens are sometimes poorly and unrealistically portrayed in YA literature…not a tearful goodbye to HP and the gang.

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Recently I’ve noticed, in online stories as well as mainstream published YA literature, that a lot of main characters don’t have cheerful lives (which I suppose in itself is up for interpretation). I know there has to be conflict, some angst in there. Bad things happen, usually in threes. No human is perfect, flaws must be seen. Blah, blah, blah. But seriously the heartache and drama is getting a little excessive. It’s, I fear, becoming the new cliché.

Again, I am no expert. I’m not published but am offering my advice anyways. It’s free. Take it?

*Alert: Minor spoilers, rants and assumptions ahead, read at your own risk.

Case One: Parenthood, Say What? Half of the stories I’ve read in the last few weeks propose some sort of horrid home life. One or more parents are dead. One might be an alcoholic or dying of disease, the other insane in grief, or a complete witch of a character who berates his children daily. Honestly, I think it is important that writers remember who they are writing about. As annoying as writing adults can be, as hard to work them into the plot, as much as they might get in the way of an epic love triangle…don’t just write them out. And if you do, for goodness sake make it believable and pertain to the plot. Most teens, and heck even the group slightly older, have parents in their lives in some shape or form (even if it is a monthly phone call or awkward family dinner). True story. I’m not saying you have to pack your chapters full of it, but a glimpse can be grand. This, in my opinion, can add to a plot.

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