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Jennifer (or Jenn) is a hermit who on occasion will leave her cave to go to school and attend to basic needs. She’s a sixteen-year-old somewhere between high school and college who enjoys learning immensely, except when the subject is math other than algebra. Sometimes, she is intelligent, but most of the time, she’s a little off, as most writers are. Besides writing, she enjoys grammar, singing, photography, adventuring, reading, piercings and tattoos, and crafts. She has two dogs, a love of good characters and emotional writing, and an interest in baking, although she’s usually too lazy to bake. Her preferred genres include sci-fi and paranormal, sometimes fantasy and general fiction. She hates romance books but enjoys romantic subplots.

Jennifer (or Jenn) frequents this blog primarily but can sometimes be found on WattpadBlogger, and Goodreads.


Meredith is a college student with a penchant for both reading and writing young adult literature, even though she’s nearing the age when people will start to roll their eyes at her for it. She’s majoring in English & Textual Studies and Writing & Rhetoric, which might possibly be the most pretentious names of majors ever, and her post-grad plans are to be determined. Mostly because Meredith can’t even think about being a post-grad without wanting to curl into a ball and cry.

She’s a sucker for contemporary YA novels, but will read just about anything with an interesting enough narrator. Her interests include cats, Chinese food, and naturally, writing.

You can find Meredith on Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad, Figment, and Facebook!


Natalie got tired of being the footnote in someone else’s love story so she decided to pick up a pen, and eventually her trusty laptop, and write her own. This was after quite a few years of trying to defend to the world exactly what she could do with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English. The better question was, of course, what couldn’t she do? She currently teaches future generations in their most troublesome years to learn to love the smell of a good book and use the correct form of your and you’re–in simplest terms. Everyday is a surprise, which is exactly how she likes it. She resides in the midwest of the US of A and is working to obtain a flashy grad degree.

She has a penchant for cleverly written YA novels with a healthy dose of snark, overuses the word Huzzah in day to conversation (much to her friends’ and students’ chagrin), has an odd and unhealthy addiction to turtles, dashes, crossword puzzles and everything that has anything to do with writing.

Natalie can be found loitering around WattpadBlogspotPinterest and Goodreads.

Keru Faye (Kelsey)

Keru Faye is the internet pen name of Kelsey *last name withheld*. She is a senior in high school with a love of reading and the craft of writing. Her other hobbies include playing clarinet and piano, drawing cartoons (and sometimes other stuff), discussing anime, manga, and other animation on the internet, playing video games, fangirling over Bolin from the Legend of Korra, and dabbling around in science. Kelsey’s college plans are up in the air right now, although she is strongly considering going into a health or social science field because she doesn’t need a college degree to write. She’s ashamed to say that she’s an amatuer fantasy author who has never finished a Lord of the Rings novel.

Kelsey’s favorite genre is fantasy of any type, since she grew up on the Dragonlance novels, but she also favors historical fiction, sci-fi, paranormal, and fan fiction. Often, she’ll read poorly-written paranormal romance for the lulz (or pain, whichever).

Kelsey/Keru Faye frequents Wattpad, Figment, Goodreads, Deviantart, and Tumblr.

Jami Montgomery

Jami Montgomery is a twenty-two-year old publishing major who lives in South Texas. In her free time, she hides out in book stores and takes as many books home with her as she can. She has been writing novels for about sixteen years now, but has only been writing “seriously” for the past three years.  

Jami’s favorite genres include paranormal, dystopian, and fantasy. Her favorite genres to write are every genre that exists, though she finds herself better at YA lit than adult literature. Her shelves are full of every genre imaginable, as is her documents folder. In her free time, she dreams up new worlds, creates new characters, and watches the Harry Potter movies over and over again.

Jami Montgomery hangs out on Wattpad, Goodreads, her blog, and her Facebook author page.

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