Simple Sites to Help You Write More and Better.

So I love writing and everything about it. After all, I get to create new worlds and share them with people, who wouldn’t want that? And over the course of my writing, I’ve discovered a few nifty sites that either help me write more or they help improve my writing in simple ways.– This site is simple and kinda silly, but its adorable. For every 100 or up to 1000 words, a picture of an adorable kitten will appear. And come on, who doesn’t want to write and have adorable kitties appear next to their writing?– This is probably the most famous site I’ll be posting about today. This site is made for those who want to write more but don’t have the motivation for it. In this site, unless you keep writing the site will punish you for distraction and procrastination. All the settings can be changed to your liking, likw your word goal, time goal, and punishment. After that, you can export your writing.–  In this nifty site, you’ll be writing more to “level up”. For all of us who’ve played RPG games for countless hours in order to level up “just one more time”, this site takes the fun of leveling and combines it with writing.

 “As you write, you’ll see how many experience points you will get, based on how many words you write and how much time you spend writing.”

Just login and you’re ready to play!– One Word is a simple and fun tool to inspire you. You’ve given one word and just sixty seconds to write about it. The goal is to write as much as possible about that one word in just sixty seconds.– Edit Minion is a fun tool brought to you by the same guy who brought you Write or Die. Simply paste a selection of text into the given space and let the site help point out issues!

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2 thoughts on “Simple Sites to Help You Write More and Better.

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  2. kerufaye

    RPGwrite is my friend.

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