Inkspark #44: GIVEAWAY!

Today being our last day of Music Week (as I have dubbed it), we will have another giveaway!

Click here because WordPress is mean and won’t let free users post Java code.

Today’s fabulous prize is pitch doctoring for up to seven revisions of your pitch.

Today’s Prompt: A final day of music… perhaps. I quite like writing to music such as this song. If you’ve gone this whole week without commenting, I plead with you now: Do you, by all the stars in the sky, enjoy writing to – I don’t know if I can do this. This is so emotional. – instrumental music? If you do, comment! If not, comment! These posts don’t do much good if you, dear readers, don’t like what’s in them.

But for now, enjoy this beast.

Song: Rage of Poseidon

Composer: Apocalyptica

Submit any and all suggestions for future Inksparks on the feedback page. You’ll most definitely receive full credit.

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One thought on “Inkspark #44: GIVEAWAY!

  1. Maddie

    How have I gone all my life without hearing this music? *drools*

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