Inkspark #37

Welcome to the day’s Inkspark! Every day, around midnight PST, we provide you with a prompt or picture to spark your creativity for the day.  Feel free to post and/or discuss what the day’s Inkspark leads to in the comments. Happy writing!

Recently, I returned from a month spent studying creative writing at the glorious California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA. We did many exercises, but one that was especially fun was the one I will tell you about today. I’m stealing it from the morning teacher, Matt Shears, and give him all the credit.

Today’s Prompt: Try un-writing. What you do is take something somebody else wrote. This works best with really clunky, thick writing, like Oscar Wilde or something else from a very different period in the history of writing. You can also use a news article, a book you loved, a book you hated – whatever you like. What you’re going to do is cross things out until you get a story all your own. Don’t add words; just cross things out until you get something completely new. You might cross out everything on a page but for a few words, or you might cross out only half the original content. Either way, you make it your own.

I once did this with an old copy of Writer’s Digest. Their articles are not something I recommend for un-writing.

If you want to suggest a picture for future InkSparks, send us a link to the source in the feedback box of the InkSpark page. If you’d like to suggest a phrase, same applies, and we will credit you ;]

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