Inkspark #22

Welcome to the day’s Inkspark! Every day, around midnight PST, we provide you with a prompt or picture to spark your creativity for the day.  Feel free to post and/or discuss what the day’s Inkspark leads to in the comments. Happy writing!

Today’s Prompt: Write it with a Song.
Try writting letter with hidden titles to all the tracks from a CD or playlist. For an extra challenge try putting the songs in order.

Who knows, I have three weddings this summer maybe I will get the chance to meet another good-looking and amazing guy and ask him Why Don’t We Just Dance? My friends and their significant others have some pretty good taste in friends. It could be like another one of my novels coming to life. Haha. Speaking of weddings, Don’t You have one of those coming up? How is planning coming? A lot still to do, or have you had Enough for Now?

If you want to suggest a picture for future InkSparks, send me a link to the source in the feedback box of the InkSpark page. If you’d like to suggest a phrase, same applies, and we will credit you ;]

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